CIBSE Lifts Group


Lift Academy Paper Competition

Executive Summary


The CIBSE Lift Group in conjunction with the Lift Academy are organising another technical paper
competition for 2015. Papers are invited from members of the lift industry who operate at craft and
technician level (apprentices, trainees, fitters and testers). The papers submitted must be relative to
the lift or escalator industry and shall be peer reviewed by a board of judges jointly assembled by
the CIBSE Lifts Group, Lift Academy and LEIA. The winning paper will be awarded a prize as well as
having the accolade of being the 2015 winner. Terms and conditions are as below.


To increase the number of young engineers coming through who are able to write for the industry
trade journals and make presentations at industry symposiums and seminars

Terms and Conditions


  • The competition will start on 1st January 2015 and papers shall be submitted by 30th June 2015.
  • Papers shall be relative to the lift or escalator industry.
  • Authors shall have the approval of their employers to enter the competition and a declaration willneed to be signed to that effect.
  • The chosen topic for the 2015 competition is SAFE WORKING.
  • The paper shall not exceed 2000 words plus diagrams and/or photographs.
  • Diagrams and photographs shall be indexed and referenced.
  • The paper shall include the author’s details, title, executive summary, technical section and conclusion.
  • The paper shall be peer reviewed internally by the author’s employers and a declaration shall be signed by the employer confirming they are content with the submission.
  • The paper shall be peer reviewed by a panel of four judges selected from CIBSE Lifts Group, Lift Academy, a trade journal and LEIA*.
  • The paper shall be submitted in an A4 format in a PDF format and shall be produced using a word processor.
  • Hand written entries are not acceptable.
  • The winning author will be expected to attend a CIBSE Lifts Group meeting to accept their prize.
  • The CIBSE Lifts Group reserves the option to ask the winning author to present their presentation at a CIBSE Lifts Group meeting. Travel and accommodation expenses (where applicable and to be agreed in advance) within the UK will be reimbursed.
  • The winning author may be invited to present either in person or as a poster display at the annual Lift Symposium at Northampton.
  • Authors with no or limited experience need not be dissuaded from presentations as assistance will be given by a peer from the industry. Contact David Cooper, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., should you wish to have assistance.


The prize for the winning author shall be:

• A copy of CIBSE Guide D, or
• A tool voucher to be spent at A&A Electrical (£50), or
• A book voucher to be spent at Elevator World Books (£50)
• Membership subscription for CIBSE for one year

A certificate will be presented to the winner.


Please click here for an application form.